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When we first met in October 2021, we quickly noticed that although we have different backgrounds and fields of study, everyone has an enormous motivation. We share this energetic atmosphere and tingling anticipation and support each other when it comes to worries and fears. Within our group of 20 students, some have already gained a lot of experience with the work of the United Nations, while others are newcomers, who get more and more acquainted with the subject and are inspired by the experiences of others.

We work together on a weekly basis, dealing intensively with the history and geographical situation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We discuss the status of the country from a global perspective and analyze DRC’s position within the United Nations. Through our instructor Christian Sigl, we will be prepared in detail for the conference in April 2022 in New York.

At the start of the semester, we were divided into small groups in order to prepare presentations on DRC’s history and foreign policy in the following months. The lectures are thematically divided into the general work of the United Nations (UN), the historical background of DRC and its role within the UN system. We present our research in English and thus both improve our language skills and get to know our assigned country better and better.

Short introduction of the 2022 delegation

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