You can support us in our participation in this major international project, which brings together young people from all over the world to jointly represent the values of the United Nations. In doing so, we are highly motivated to build on the achievements of the previous delegations of Regensburg, which have brought home several awards each year.

By participating in the project, we are given the unique opportunity to improve our diplomatic skills, critical thinking, willingness to compromise, public appearance and argumentation.

As a sponsor you will also benefit from this project, because our experiences will also be shared with the public. Through our Social Media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and our Homepage you will get an insight into the preparations for the project. Moreover, you will be able to follow every step we take in New York.

Furthermore, your company will – if you wish – be mentioned in all publications related to NMUN. Supporters and sponsors will be presented with their logo as well as the institution or company name on posters and the website of NMUN Regensburg as well as the website of the Chair of International Politics and Transatlantic Relations. Additionally, we will refer to our sponsors in media coverage.

Thanks to your donation, the delegation of the University of Regensburg will now be represented for the 16th time at the simulation conference National Model United Nations in New York.

our bank account details

Account Holder: Universität Regensburg

Bank Account Number: 1279276

BIC: 70050000 (Bayerische Landesbank München)

Intended Purpose: 1521 Projekt 720403 (Int. Politik) NMUN 2020

IBAN: DE 42700500000001279276